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The breakthrough blend of advanced cleaners and conditioners in our car wash shampoo gives your car a breathtaking clean. Formulated to easily break down and remove dirt and soils, ICE Car Wash is safe for even the most delicate car finishes.
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Our Services
Some of the cars we have handled
I am pleased with Ma & Ha services. Often times I am worried about the condition of my car whenever I see someone else handling it. Ma & Ha took care of my car without a scratch.
Ong Tyan Min
I think one of the few things I like about Ma & Ha is the idea that I can fully trust them with my car. When the car comes back to me, everything is in place and I don’t have to worry.
Santhia Jeevalata
Been going to Ma & Ha for a long time to have my car washed. Their service is consistent and never disappoints. Their workers do a good job and are efficient.
Mohd Faiz Isa